Residential Services

Residential Services

The 3 biggest headaches homeowners have with Pest Control Companies and what Earth First Pest Control does about these headaches.

#1 Service is Scheduled…And No One Shows Up!
"I've been waiting for 2 hours for the service guy to show up. Nobody ever called me and all I get is the answering machine when I try to find out when he'll be here." Does this sound familiar? How many times have you called for service at your house, waited around for a couple hours and the service guy was a no-show? He didn’t even bother to call and on top of that, no one will answer the phone at the company office. This is the number one complaint about home service providers in almost every industry When you choose Earth First Pest Control we always show and we show up on time. We are dedicated to meeting the schedule we've promised. Period. No excuses. We will be at your house on time and ready to provide the service you requested.

"I scheduled the appointment for 8am and Marlon showed up on time... he was very polite and courteous and did a great job."

Stephanie McAllister, Santa Monica Resident

#2 The Service Guy Was Here…But We Still Have Pests!
"Some service guy was here, he walked around with a sprayer or something but we’ve still got those (ants, bees, bugs, etc.). Not only that but now nobody answers the phone or if they do, they tell me they can't get back here for at least another week." This may be one of the most frustrating things in dealing with pest control companies. With Earth First Pest Control you’ll know exactly what to expect in the days and weeks following your home treatment service call. And if the problem doesn’t go away - if it doesn't happen the way we say - we'll come back and retreat as many times as necessary for the entire duration of your warranty.

"Earth First Pest Control was a dream to work with… they actually made sure the pests my apartment building were gone, and they even followed up for free."

Len Silverstein, Property Manager

#3 We Got a Quote… But the Invoice Has An Extra Charge On It!
"I Got What I Thought Was a Firm Quote… But Now the Invoice Has These Extra Charges That I Didn't Approve." We know how aggravating this is. With Earth First Pest Control you can rest assured it will never happen. Your invoice will match your quote to the penny. Your quote will describe what the technician will be doing and about how long it will take and an exact cost of the service. There will be no surprises. You’ll never find a charge on your invoice that wasn’t already explained and which you have agreed to in the written quote.

"Our quote was for $79.67. When my bill arrived in the mail, it was for the same... $79.67! I love it! Unfortunately too many companies add little 'extra' charges and then I have to waste my time calling the company for an explanation. Earth First Pest Control charged me just what my quote was for and they got rid of the bed bugs for a great price!"

Kelly Irving, Beverly Hills Resident
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