Child & Pet Friendly

Green Pest Control Is Better For Your Family & Pets

Our Mission
To create a pest-free environment for your home and family, using low-impact, earth-friendly solutions by people you can trust and service you can depend on.

Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to the environment and sustainability. We all share this planet. We must protect it… it's the only planet we've got!

Much has been publicized about “going green.” At Earth First Pest Control, we use low-impact pesticides that target only a particular pest. The products we use are much better than traditional pesticides.

Our Integrated Pest Management solutions are:

  • Much better for you and your children
  • Much better for your dog, cat, and other pets
  • Much better for the environment
  • Very effective against pest invaders
We Adhere To The Following Principles To Protect Your Family
  • Inspection and education
  • Modifying pest habitats
  • Reduced impact pesticides
  • Ongoing inspection and monitoring
  • Communication with our clients
Green Is The Only Way To Go

For too long, pesticides have been misused and certainly over used in order to achieve results. Unfortunately, anyone can drown a pest problem in pesticides. It does however take skill and knowledge to provide green solutions that are both effective and long lasting.

We now have many pesticide alternatives at our disposal which include: organic extracts, botanicals, naturally occurring pest specific pathogens, pheromone lures, traps, growth regulators, and naturally or introduced predators all of which are much better for people and pets when compared to the pesticides of the past.

As part of our service, we identify conditions that cause, attract and sustain pests and make recommendations for corrections or environmental modifications. We also educate our clients on how to manage each situation over the long term. We can access each situation and tailor a specific green program based on our client's individual situation and needs.

What If My Pest Problem Is Completely Out Of Control... Pests Have Taken Over?

In some situations, a more typical pesticide is required initially to eliminate an existing infestation when it is way out of control and has created an unlivable situation.

Earth First Pest Control, a California licensed pest control company using certified pesticide applicators with extensive experience in pest control applications, will select only preferred pesticides which are non persistent, have low toxicity, are pest specific, and have minimal impact on the environment. Once the out-of-control pest infestation is back in check, we will implement an ongoing green pest solution to prevent a repeat of the infestation. This applies to: cockroaches, bed bugs, rats, fleas, ticks, and just about any type of pest.

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